Alcohol symptoms - MUST READ

Some symptoms due to alcohol ...

Symptom 1: Disturbed View
Cause: You look through an empty glass
Solution: Request another tour

Symptom 2: The ground is moving under your feet
Cause: Two bouncers get you out of the bar
Solution: Ask them at least where they take you

Symptom 3: Multiple reflections of faces staring at you in the water
Cause: You're kneeling in the toilet trying to throw up
Solution: Put your finger in your throat

Symptom 4: The people around you are talking with a funny voice
Cause: You have glass in your ear
Solution: Stop doing the moron

Symptom 5: The walls of the disco move, people are all dressed in white and the music is pretty repetitive
Cause: You're in an ambulance
Solution: Do not move, probable ethyl coma.

Symptom 6: Your father looks very weird and your brothers look at you in astonishment
Cause: You cannot find your house
Solution: Ask them nicely if they can tell you where yours is

Symptom 7: The huge projector of the disco blinds you
Cause: You're lying in the street and it's already sunny
Solution: Coffee and aspirin
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