A teacher of philosophy comes to the classroom with a series of unusual objects

A teacher of philosophy comes to the classroom with a series of unusual objects that he places on his desk, facing his students.

The intrigued silence of the audience being acquired, the teacher takes a large jar of gherkins (empty and clean) and begins by filling it to the top edge of stones with a diameter between 6 and 7 cm. This finished, He asks the class if the jar is full. The students answer yes. The teacher then takes a bag filled with gravel and pours it into the jar. He shakes everything to equalize, and now the gravel fills all the empty spaces.

After completing this manipulation, the teacher asks again if the jar is now full.
The class responds, hilarious and intrigued, that yes. The teacher then takes a small bag of sand and pours the contents into the jar. Obviously, the sand is spawning a passage in the interstices that are still available, to the great satisfaction of the class.

- "See you," said the teacher, addressing his students, "I'd like you to compare this to your own existence. The big stones are really important things, like family, couple, health, These things mean that even if you lose everything else, your life will not be less fulfilled.Chipping stones represent things that are important, but not essential, such as work, home Finally, the grains of sand can be compared to unimportant things.If you first put the sand in the jar, there will not be enough space for gravel or stones. your life: if you waste your time and energy for the little things, there will never be enough time or space for what is essential to your happiness.

Do what you like, what you always postponed and listen to others. There will always be time to repair the vacuum, finish a file or wash the car. Take care of the big stones first and foremost, these are the things that really matter. The rest is only sand that flows between your fingers ".

A student gets up. He approaches the desk, grabs the jar, takes a bottle of pastis and pours the contents into the jar. The liquid is dispersed in the spaces that, obviously, still existed in the famous jar.

As busy as your life is, there will always be room for a drink!
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