A fart explained - A well articulated fart can be understandable

A well articulated fart can be understandable:
- A fart can express fear: in this case it usually leaves bad effects to your underpants skip machine would not manage to erase.
- A fart can be the result of a peak of stress, it is discreet, silent and with a ventilatory flow as it makes you scorch your rear hairiness.
- A fart can express anger: in this case it is brief, but very noisy and there too your ass hairs take a hell of a hit.
- The fart can reveal the level of affection! if a girl comes near you and fart ...... do not send her back! if it comes close to you to let go the guts is that she feels comfortable with you! This is not often the case with men .... if a buddy fart near you is simply that he wants to sprinkle you with a putrefying gas in an attempt to make you fall into decomposition.
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