A man arrives at Cartier, Place Vendôme in Paris

A man arrives at Cartier, Place Vendôme in Paris, in the company of a splendid young woman, and together they choose a jewel of 50 000 euros for her.
At the moment of paying, the man leaves his checkbook and, without frowning, writes it.
The seller is a bit bored because this is the first time he sees this couple at the jewelry store.
The man realizes the seller's discomfort and, with a lot of confidence, tells him:
"I have the feeling, dear, that you think this check may be without funds, is it?"
- Uh ... well ...
- Well, here's what we'll do: since today is Saturday and my bank is closed, I suggest that you keep this check and the jewel. From Monday, proceed to its receipt and when the payment will be honored, have the jewel delivered to Mademoiselle. Okay ?...
The seller, reassured, endorses this solution without the slightest hesitation, even ensuring that the jeweler would take care of the delivery of the jewel and that he would personally ensure the smooth running of the operation .
Monday morning, the presentation of the check to the bank, it is of course the check bounced!
Angry, the salesman calls the customer who answers him:
- But it does not matter ! It did not cost you and I made love all weekend !!! ... Thank you very much for your cooperation and no hard feelings!
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