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I remember being broke for Christmas

So true
I remember being broke for Christmas one year after food shopping and paying the bills and wrote a post dated check to make sure I could provide a good Christmas for my family.I’ve lived as high and as low as it’s possible to go. There were times I’d put $10 worth of gas in my tank and other times $50. I’ve had $5 to just feed myself and I’ve also had $200 to go out to eat. I’ve had a house full of food and times I didn’t have any. I’ve been in stores cashing out with no worries and I’ve also had to add it up and put things back on the shelf. I’ve paid my bills in full and I’ve had to pay them late too. I’ve given money and I too have had to ask for it.

We all have highs and lows in life. Some certainly more than others, but we are all just trying to make it.

No one is better than anyone else and my heart is sad for those people who think that they are. No matter how big your house is, how new your car is, or how much money sits in your bank account - we all bleed red and will eventually fade from this earth. Death has no discrimination and neither should your life.

Be kind to others. We are all here to serve. Stop the power tripping. Your oversized ego won’t get you anywhere.

Be humble. And keep faith going.

Most of all I’m truly Grateful 😇😇😇

Very few will actually read this far, but if you’re genuine I challenge you to copy. Most won’t, because they’re the type of people I’m talking about. 💯
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