Two policemen make their rounds at 2:30 a.m

Two policemen make their rounds at 2:30 a.m. in front of the bars and see a guy staggering towards his vehicle who drops his keys three times.

They hide in the back of the parking lot and observe the scene. Four of the guy's friends walk up to him and yell, Hey Rick! Come with us, we'll bring you back, you're clearly in no condition to drive! But Rick insists for a long time to take his vehicle in spite of the offer of his friends. While his friends each take their respective vehicle, the police wait impatiently for the man to take the road to intercept him. Five minutes go by, ten minutes, fifteen minutes and the man still hasn't left.

Finally the engine starts and the man hits the road. He is not 100 feet away when the police intercept him and make him blow into the balloon. Result: zero point zero blood alcohol level.

The police stun, change the batteries of their breathalyzer and start the test again... Still zero. One of the police then asks the man to explain the situation to him.

The man replied: Well tonight it was my turn!

Your turn, what the policeman answered.

My turn to pretend to be drunk so that my friends can leave with their cars....

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