1)Two blondes take part in a hunt. Of course, after an hour they get lost and one starts to panic. The other reassures her:

- Calm down, I know what to do. We will shoot in the air and the others will eventually spot us.

So they shoot in the air and wait. Twenty minutes later, they saw no one. They fire again in the air, but still no one after twenty minutes. The most worried then says:

- We need to shoot more often in the air.

- But we can not. We're almost out of arrows!

2)One very hot day, a blonde and her husband are lying by their swimming pool. The blonde says:

- Well, I say, luckily it's not snowing!

- Why do you say that ?

- Can you imagine, if you had to clear snow in this heat!

3)Two men ring at a door. A blonde comes to open.

- Hello ma'am. Would you like to be a Jehovah's Witness?

- Well...I would like to, but I didn't see anything...I swear!

4)A blonde goes to the hospital for an ultrasound. Her dark-haired girlfriend accompanies her to reassure her. After the examination, the doctor says:

- Madam, I have great news to announce to you. You are expecting twins!

The blonde starts crying her heart out. The brunette takes her hand and whispers:

- But don't cry like that. Twins, do you realize? That's wonderful !

- Yes, but I wanted babies!

5)A blonde says:

- I was 15, it was in the countryside, in the woods with two friends. While I was sucking one, the other...

  The director of human resources cuts her off:

- Miss, when I asked you to tell me about your first experience, I was talking about your professional experience!

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