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NAME is...

pretty fly for a white guy

in a gadda da vida baby

psycho,-somatic addict, insane

wasting away down in Margaritaville

cruising the seas for American gold. we'd fire no guns. shed no tears. now i am a broken man on a Halifax pier. the last of Barrett's Privateers
selling Peace but who's buying?

stomping his feet because he's happy and he knows it and he really wants to show it

a picker, a grinner, a lover and a sinner, play'n his music in the sun
tragically hip

doing the HUSTLE! doo du doo du doo du doo doo...

a well thought out twinkle

so sick from the drink I need home for a rest

bringing sexy back

bringing sexy back... to the store for a refund

rock n rolling all night long and partying every day

more human than human


bananas. B - A - N -A -N -A - S

elegantly wasted

dazed and confused for so long it's not true

afraid of Americans

so vain. He probably thinks this status is about him.

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