Why are you paid less than some people?

Why are you paid less than some people?
Here is an answer element ...

Everyone knows the Salary Theorem which states that engineers and scientists can NEVER earn as much as businessmen and salespeople.
This theorem can finally be demonstrated by solving a simple mathematical equation.

Our equation is based on two well-known postulates:
Postulate N ° 1: Knowledge is Power
Postulate N ° 2: Time is Money

Every engineer knows that Power = Work / Time

Since Knowledge = Power and Time = Money we have:
Knowledge = Work / Money

We then easily obtain: Money = Work / Knowledge

Thus, when Knowledge tends to zero, Time tends to infinity, whatever the value assigned to Work, this value can be very small.

Conversely, when Knowledge tends to infinity, then Money tends to zero, even if the Work value is high.

Hence the obvious conclusion: the less you know, the more money you make.

PS: Those of you who have had some difficulty in understanding ... must be the best paid ...
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