Thierry and a woman meet in a bar.

Thierry and a woman meet in a bar.

They discuss a little bit and then as it happens in life, they decide to go to the woman's house.

After a few drinks, Thierry removes his shirt and washes his hands.

Then he takes off the pants and again he washes his hands.

The woman who watched all this ritual told her:

"I bet you're a dentist."

He, very surprised, answers:

"Yes ... but how did you guess?"

"It's simple," she replies, "you're just washing your hands."

After a while, they start making love and when they have

finished, she says:

"You must be a damn good dentist."

He, radiating after such a compliment to his ego, answers:

"Of course I'm an excellent dentist, how did you know that?"

She, with an imperturbable face, "I did not feel anything!"
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