The sayings of alcoholics

The sayings of alcoholics:

1 - When a glass is full, empty it. And when it's empty we complain for it.
2 - We will drink milk when the cows will eat grapes.
3 - Drive or choose, you have to drink.
4 - If alcohol interferes with work stop work.
5 - Drinking while driving is not good! Must drink from the bottle.
6 - Alcohol kills slowly. I do not care ...
7 - Whoever drinks without thirst will vomit without effort.
8 - Better to be stuffed than con, it lasts less.
9 - Water is a liquid so corrosive that a single drop is enough to disturb the pastis.
10 - Sobriety is a hallucination due to lack of alcohol.
11 - Who drinks, gets drunk.
12 - Who gets drunk, goes to sleep. Who falls asleep does not sin. Who does not fish goes to paradise.
Morality: let's drink!
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