The best SMS jokes of the web on Finally jokes of the 21st century!

The best SMS jokes of the web on Finally jokes of the 21st century! You want to make jokes to your friends via text? You will find here the best SMS jokes to do without moderation, whether you are 15 years old or 77 years old!

1. I heard on the radio that the police found a body that had no sex, was full of cavities and had an underdeveloped brain. Reassure me, are you still alive?

2. Also participate in the day against sodomy. send a sms of solidarity to a fucker you know ...
here it is, it's done!

3. a dangerous penis escaped. firefighters, police and even the army are looking for him. participates in research:
check if you do not have it in the ass!

4. Your mobile is updating your brain ... Brain search in progress ... search ... search ... procedure failed ... no brain found!

5.Dis ... I'm making a salad but I miss a tuna ...
you can come ?

6. technical support: following a technical problem, your phone will vibrate for 10 minutes.
take advantage of it to put it where you want ...

7. Hi it's me, your mobile. I just wanted to get out of your pocket because the smell of your balls became impossible. now it's done. thank you !

8. Red alert! The French are all dead because of an unidentified gas of an excruciating stench! Hurry, shut your mouth before the whole world is asphyxiated!

9. hello! I am an alien disguised as a mobile phone.
what you touch is my sexual organ and to see your smile, you must love it!
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