The best jokes about teachers, teacher joke, teacher, school, school humour, public servants

The best jokes about teachers, teacher joke, teacher, school, school humour, public servants

-Inspector of the Ministry of Education
The inspector of the Ministry of Education asks a candidate :
"Can you give me 3 reasons that motivate you to become a teacher?"
The candidate answers: December, July and August.

-Spelling and grammar are original
Bloopers of spelling and grammar

• Sir please excuse the absence of my son, I used it for my Needs.

• If you do not believe the words of apology for my son, just ask his father because he is the one who makes them!

• My son does not like his mistress and my husband either.

• My daughter keeps being bothered by bigger boys during the recreations that lift her skirts to look at her or even put their fingers.

• This is my son to me and I do not have to give you valid reasons why he missed the class!

• It's not me the teacher, it's you! So do not blame my son for doing nothing at home! Everyone his job!

• Tomorrow my son will be away because I think he will be sick because it is the exam ...

• You always use big buzzwords, such as physical education, while it's never just gym ...

• My son is smart like his mother and I, it's family with us ...

• Excuse my son, he has excuses.

• My daughter still does not know how to count and we can not count on you ...

• My daughter has written oral ...

• The first time the teacher has treated my son for a stupidity, I did not react. But when he began to chatrate him every day for nothing at all, just because his head does not come back to him, I decided to take the death to the teeth.

• Having difficulty remembering, I fully agree that Delphine works in school hours.

• Excuse my son who had to come with me to my funeral ...

• I refuse to pay you school insurance for the little ones because I raise my children the hard way and if something happens to them that's how they will learn that life is not a part of pleasure .

• 2 and 2 it's 4 and all your educational reforms will not change anything!

• Calculators are fake inventions that can not even count their multiplication tables on their fingers ...

• If you continue to harass my son, I will go explain to the Minister of Culture who you really are!

• My file is called VĂ©ronique and all the boys bother her to make Pleasantries of the kind that you know well: two who hold it, three who the ..

• If Eric wrote 'fine wines' instead of 'cattle' in the dictation, first notice that he wrote it without fault, which is normal since his uncle is a winegrower in the south.

• Do not touch my daughter anymore, there is already her father for that.

• No, but look, you say you're a teacher and you do not even know how to take my daughter in the right direction!

• Feel free to hit my son if he is too disciplined.

• I allow you to educate my son like me and to teach him especially the tramps and kicks in the ass!

• Your exercise was so obvious that no one has ever understood anything.
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