One day, a man complains to his friend:

One day, a man complains to his friend:
- I really hurt my elbow, I should surely go see a doctor.
His friend answers him:
- Do not do that, there is now a computer at the pharmacy that can diagnose anything, faster and cheaper than any doctor. Just give him a urine sample and the computer will tell you what your problem is and how to get rid of it. It costs only 10 Euros.
The guy imagines he has nothing to lose and so goes to the pharmacy with his urine sample. He finds the computer, puts his urine sample on it, puts in the 10 euros and waits. The machine then starts to make all kinds of funny noises, lights flash and after a brief pause, a piece of paper comes out, on which one can read:
"You have an inflammation in your elbow, dip your arm in hot water, avoid hard work, you will get better in 2 weeks."
Later that night, while thinking that this new technology could eventually change the medical world forever, he begins to wonder how we could cheat the machine. He decides to try ..
He mixes tap water, a sample of his dog's excrement, the urine of his wife and that of his daughter. As icing on the cake, he masturbates and mixes everything. He returns to the pharmacy and deposits his sample with the 10 euros.
The computer starts again the carousel of the noises and the indicators, to finally lay this summary:
"Your water is disgusting, buy a water filter.
Your dog has worms, buy him vitamins.
Your daughter is taking drugs cocaine, put it in a rehabilitation center.
Your wife is pregnant with 2 girls and they are not of you, take a good lawyer.
And if you do not stop wanking, your elbow will never heal! "
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