MUST READ : The little dog and the leopard

He is a guy who walks with his little dog in the jungle.

The little dog trots a moment behind a butterfly that catches his attention. He stops and realizes that he has lost his master.

The little dog begins to find the trace of his master in this dense forest. At this moment he hears a noise coming from behind him. He takes a discreet look to see what it is. Whore ! It's a leopard who sneaks towards him to eat him.

The little dog quickly analyzes his desperate situation when he sees a pile of bones next to him. He has an idea! He takes a big bone in his mouth and chews it. When he feels the leopard close enough to him, he spits out the bone and says loudly:

- Ah! It's not bad as a beast, the leopard!

When the leopard hears that, he stops dead, turns back and does not want to take any chances with this little animal he has never seen before. Phew! It was less for the little dog.

A little monkey in a tree above has seen the whole scene. He was not on very good terms with the leopard because he was constantly doing bad things. He thinks it's a good opportunity to be reconciled with the leopard by telling him everything.

The monkey goes off to join the leopard and tells him the whole story. The very vexed leopard tells the little monkey:

- Come on, get on my back, we'll go eat this dog. I do not like people making fun of me and especially in my territory!

A little later, the little dog that was recovering from his emotions, heard a noise coming from behind him. He looks discreetly and sees the leopard with the little monkey on his back. He quickly understands what happened: the little monkey who saw everything was snatching leopard!

After a short thought, he took a bone from the pile he had stayed behind. He chews it until the other two animals are close enough. He spits out the bone and shouts loudly:

- Whore ! Where is this monkey? It's been half an hour that I asked him to go get me another leopard!
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