Little Thomas asks his mistress if he can talk to him after class

Little Thomas asks his mistress if he can talk to him after class.
She accepts.
- So, what do you want to tell me Thomas?
- I think I'm too smart to stay in this class, I'm bored! I would like to go directly to High School. With that, the director informed, asks Thomas if he wants to pass tests. Thomas accepts without hesitation. The director, to close the interview quickly, begins the test.
- Let's see Thomas: 36 x 49?
- 1764! ...
- And 363 x 363?
- 131769, the director ...
- Capital of Liechtenstein?
- Vaduz!
The test continues for half an hour, Thomas makes no mistake. At the end of the test, the director is satisfied but the teacher asks if she can ask questions.
Both agree, the teacher starts:
- Well, ... Thomas, ... the cow she has 4 and I have 2, what is it?
- The legs, ma'am!
- Correct. What's in your pants and not in mine?
The director is surprised at the question ...
- Pockets, Madam!
- Where do women have the most curly hairs?
The director prepares to intervene when Thomas responds
- In Africa, Madam!
- What is soft, but with the hands of a woman becomes hard?
The director opens his eyes wide, but before he has time to speak Thomas responds
- Nail polish, Madam!
- What men and we have in the middle of the legs?
- Knees, ma'am!
- Well, and what is a married woman to have wider than a single woman?
The director does not believe his ears.
- The bed, Madam!
- What is the part of my body that is often the most humid?
- Your tongue, ma'am!
- What word beginning with the letter "c" means something that can be wet or dry and that men like to look at?
- The sky, Madam!
The blowing director, sweating like a savage, decides to stop the test and exclaims:
- It's not in high school that I'm going to send you but directly to the University! Even I would have missed everything on this test!

Moral of the story: it is with the age that one becomes perverse ...
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