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An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman are in a bar and every guy prides himself on having the stupidest wife the land has ever worn.
The Scotsman says:
- To tell you how thick my wife is, the other day after I yelled her because she was spending too much, she went to the supermarket and bought for £ 100 worth of meat because she was on sale! And we do not even have a fridge!
The Englishman finds that the wife of the Scots is really stupid, but still argues that his is even more. So he says:
- Just last week, mine came out and bought a new car, and she can not even drive!
The Irishman thinks that the palm goes to his wife:
- No guys, it's really mine the worst. Last summer, she went to Greece.
In her luggage, she took 12 boxes of condoms, and she does not even have a dick!
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