Joke on income tax

- Your last name must start with the two figures of the Department

- We are obliged to answer you in the affirmative by the negative

- Our goal is not, as you write, to crush you like shit, but to collect the exact amount of your taxes

- Pets are not dependent children ...

- Since the total of 5000 F is to be divided by two, the result is: 1327.60 F

- Your letter of complaint has been sent by mistake to our complaint service

- Unless I am mistaken, an error has crept into our letter of last March 22nd

- Please specify if the sex of your spouse is also of French nationality

- The rent of scooters over seas (see your bill) does not fit in the heading - real estates -

- Your profession is not referenced, thank you to find another

- Column B is reserved for users in column C ...

- From 1 September, the ticket offices will be open before closing

- Your statement is illegible, although typed in the machine

- Provisional third party is not a suggestion to pay, but a command
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