It's a blonde, a brunette and a redhead who are in apartment on fire. A guy at the bottom of the building cries to the redhead:
- Jump, I'll catch you!
The brunette jumps but the guy misses and she crashes on the floor.
It is then the brunette who goes to the window. The guy shouts again:
- Jump, I'll catch you!
The brunette a little chilled at the sight of her crushed girlfriend downstairs replied:
- No, you already killed my girlfriend!
The guy answers him:
But no go, jump, I catch you this time.
The brunette decides then and jumps. Once again, the guy misses her and the brunette crashes next to her friend.
Comes the blonde who attended the whole scene. The guy tells him to jump.
She answers :
- No, I'm not stupid, you've already killed my girlfriends.
The guy insists and tries to persuade her to jump. After a while, a little reassured by the words of the passerby and especially, seeing the flames come closer, she replied:
Okay, I'm going to jump ... but then you move back ten meters ...
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