Here is an internal regulation to set up as soon as possible in your homes and to read to your companions.

For too long we men have been divided in the name of equality, feminism and a bundle of other theories. It's finish! We counterattack! Tell your friends and your women, the man of the 90s is dead ... Long live the man of the 2000s!

Your attention ladies, that's the way things are REALLY ...:

1. If you think you are fat, you are. Do not question yourself. Move your ass and go to the gym club.

2. Learn how to use the toilet seat: if it is raised, lower it, it's not complicated, and stop complaining.

3. Do not cut your hair. Never. It creates useless arguments when we dare to comment.

4. Birthdays, holidays and Valentine's Day are not quests to verify that we are able to find the perfect gift ... once again.

5. Sometimes we do not think of you. You have to know it and live with it.

6. Sunday = football / cycling / formula 1. It's like that.

7. Shopping is NOT a sport.

8. What you wear is great. Really!!!

9. Ask us what you want directly. The subtle undertones, it does not work.

10. Learn that peeing standing from the front is more difficult than pissing straight up. Even with care, we will miss the target from time to time.

11. Most guys have 2 or 3 pairs of shoes at most, so what makes you think we are able to choose the pair among the other 30 that will go well with this dress?

12. A migraine that lasts 17 months is an illness. See a doctor.

13. Your mother is not necessarily our best friend.

14. Check the water and oil from time to time. This is an essential part of car maintenance.

15. Our relationship will never be like the first two months we went out together.

16. All we could say more than 6 or 8 months ago is out of order in an argument today.

17. It's not the dress that makes you look big. It's all fucking chocolate !!!

18. To tell us that all supermodels are tampered with make you look like a jealous jealous, and that will certainly not prevent us from reading magazines.

19. The supermodels with dream bodies that we see in magazines are all homosexuals.

20. If what one says can be interpreted in two ways, and one of them makes you sad or angry, you have misinterpreted.

21. Let us watch. If we do not do it, how can you be told that you are so much better than others?

22. If possible, thank you for telling us what you have to tell us during the pubs and not at half-time because that's where we go to piss, to get beer for the second half of the day. time or listen to the analysis of "experts".

23. When we are in bed and look tired, we are tired and that does not mean we do not want to talk about our relationship.

24. If you want a dessert after the dish, take one. You are NOT OBLIGED to finish it. You can taste it if you want but do not say "No, I can not / do not / should not" and then eat half of ours.

25. A diet without exercise, it does not work.

26. If you go on a diet it does not have to mean that we have to do the same.

27. The four essential human foods are white meat, red meat, coffee and cold beer.

28. Make sure that all meals contain a reasonable amount of the above - everything else falls into the category of "fadasse".

29. Do not question our sense of direction.

30. If you can learn all of this, the man and the woman can coexist in a context of love and mutual respect. The ball is in your camp.

Sincerely, The Z 'Men
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