Funny Drink Joke - the payback

A girl and her boyfriend go to a club. When it's time for the girl to order a tour, she tells him that she had heard about a brand new wonderful cocktail and that she MUST try it.
She orders for herself her usual beer and for her boyfriend she orders two glasses, the first contains a measure of BAILEY cream, and the second contains a measure of lemon juice.
She gives him the following instructions:
- Ok, you have to drink the BAILEY and keep it in your mouth and after you drink the lemon juice and you try to keep it all as long as possible in your mouth.
His boyfriend seems dubious, but he decides to try.
First the BAILEY: a pleasant impression of warmth, softness, creamy texture and a good impression on the palate.
Then the lemon juice:
After 0.1 seconds: the cream of BAILEY quail
After 0.3 seconds: the figure of the boy turns to the color of the lemon juice
After 0.6 seconds: the boy hesitates between vomiting or swallowing the solution, he decides to swallow.
After 1.5 seconds: the girl gently whispered in her ear:
- It's called "the revenge of the blowjob!"
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