Find the best sex jokes, a selection of the finest! Well ... no, I'm kidding. The humor on

Find the best sex jokes, a selection of the finest! Well ... no, I'm kidding. The humor on the ass, would not be very funny if it was late, so ... on this page, you will find humor, ass and no class, what more ?!

1. Two secretaries chat during a break. The first asks the other:
- Are you smoking after love?
And the other to answer:
- I do not know, I never looked.

2. A 6-year-old boy tells his 10-year-old sister:
- Do you know how children are made?
- Of course, it's fastoche!
- So go ahead, tell me.
- Well it's simple, the dad puts the seed in the belly of the mother ...
- And after ?
- And then, he pushes her deep inside with his cock.

3. Two friends discuss different ways to make love ...
- And the sex at the Rodeo, you tried?
- Rodeo sex? no ... how is it?
- You put yourself on your wife, you caresses and then, you say in your ear: your perfume is the same as that of my secretary!
- And after ?
- After, you try to stay 5 seconds on it ...

4. The pharmacist is astonished:
- But why do you want it black, the condom?
- I promised my wife to mourn until the end!

5. It's a potato, a carrot and a dick chatting. The potato says:
- It's horrible ! Me, they cut me in fries and put me in the oil!
The carrot then says:
- Me it's worse, they cut me in circles and throw me in the boiling water!
And the dick:
- It's nothing like me, every night, I fuck a plastic bag on the mouth and I get pumped until I puke!

6. What is the sex of Smurfette called?
The blue tuft (bluetooth)!

7. A guy comes home very late after work. He is alone at home because his wife went out with his girlfriends for the evening. He makes himself food, prepares to put away his plate and cutlery and he sees a word on the dishwasher on which it is written:
He then empties the dishwasher. When bedtime arrives, he goes to take a shower, and just before going to bed, he goes back to the dishwasher, takes the post-it and sticks it on his forehead ...
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