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1 - smart blonde

What is a smart blonde? A miracle
What are two smart blondes? From science fiction

 2 - smart blonde

what do you call a smart blonde?
A labrador!

 3 - Smart Blonde and Loch Ness Monster

What's the difference between a smart blonde and the Loch Ness monster?
- We managed to photograph Nessie.

4 - Blonde legs apart

What is a blonde legs apart, in the corner of a room? A humidifier!

 5 - Military Blonde

What to do when a blonde swings you a grenade?
Unpin it and restart it.

 6 - blonde reach orgasm

Why do blondes have trouble reaching orgasm?
- Who cares about this?

 7 - blonde to print a text

How does a blonde print a text on a computer? She puts the screen on the photocopier.

 8 - luscious blonde

What is the difference between a luscious blonde and a gas pump? From the ground to the height of the waist, it's great. From the waist to the shoulders, it's ordinary. Above, it's lead-free!

 9 - blonde who arrives at emergency

It is a blonde who arrives at emergencies with her shredded left index finger and blood The intern asks him:
- How did it happen to you?
- Well, I tried to kill myself ...
- You want to kill yourself by shooting yourself in the finger? Are you kinding me ?
- No, you idiot! In fact, I first pointed the gun on my chest. But I remembered that I had spent 15 000 € to have such beautiful breasts ... So I pointed the barrel in my mouth. But I remembered what the orthodontist had cost me and how much time I had to undergo this dental equipment รถ la con ... So I pointed the barrel in my ear. But I thought it was going to be noisy and I put my index finger in my other ear before squeezing the trigger ...

 10 - blonde who enters a bar

It's a blonde who enters a bar.
She approaches the bartender and shyly whispered in his ear:
- Where are your toilets?
The bartender answers him:
- On the other side.
Then the blonde moves and whispered in the other ear:
- Where are your toilets?
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