Animals have always made us laugh. Be it domestic animals or wild animals

Animals have always made us laugh. Be it domestic animals or wild animals, these have often been put to work to make us laugh in movies, cartoons, comics and so on. And of course, they either do not escape the funny jokes.

The animals are always there to give us a smile

They are often clumsy and do not hide their emotions and that is why we love them so much and they make us laugh so much. Jokes on the dog, the cat but also on farm animals, insects or even monkeys. All pass there. And if many jokes already exist on our animal friends, there is still much to invent. Observe your pet, if you have one, and the animals around you, they may give you ideas of jokes to discover to others.

Anyway, if you love animals, you'll love exploring this section which is full of humorous little jewels. Be selfless and share the jokes you prefer with your friends on social networks so that they too can enjoy and laugh in front of their computer screen.

A rabbit on mission in Africa

An rabbit is sent as a missionary to Africa, he travels the savannah when suddenly he sees a lion who is about to eat  him.
The rabbit prays very loudly and asks the Lord:
"Make lord this lion be animated by Christian thoughts.
Instantly the lion stops stands on the hind legs, joins the front legs, begins to pray:
- Dear lord thank you for this meal that you grant me. Amen
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