An engineer is lugging along the road, and meets a frog.

An engineer is lugging along the road, and meets a frog.
- Help ! yell the frog.
The engineer looks surprised and takes the frog gently in his arms. The frog then explains:
"In fact, I am a marvelous princess, and I have just been elected Miss Universe, but out of spite, my Dauphine cast a spell on me and turned me into a toad. It's enough for a young man to kiss me and I'll be back as before!
The engineer stuffs the bug into his pocket and continues on his way.
The frog realizes then that she had to fall on a slow of the nipple, understands that she must explain her case in more details
- If you kiss me, I'll be back as before and I'll be very grateful
The engineer continues. The frog worries:
- If you kiss me, I'll be the woman who was voted Miss Universe, and I'll be yours for life!
Always nothing. It's not possible, it raises the auction, think the Frog.
- Kiss me, and you will have a beautiful and sensual woman at your feet. I will be your slave, I will satisfy all your desires.
Nothing. The desperate frog, asks in a small voice:
- It does not interest you to have a beautiful young woman ready to satisfy your fantasies?
- You know, there's really no place in my life for a girl, but a frog that speaks, that's funny!
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