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An Arab and a gypsy at the bakery

An Arab and a gypsy at the bakery
He is a gypsy and an Arab who goes to a bakery.
The Arab steals a twix neither seen nor known and puts it in his pocket and says to the gypsy:
- Hey, did you see? the class huh?
The gypsy answers him:
- haha, no one is smarter than me! ??
The salesgirl arrives and the gypsy tells him:
- Give me a twix please and I'll do you a magic trick!
The intrigued saleswoman accepts and hands him a twix, the gypsy eats it and stares at the salesgirl, the impatient saleswoman tells him
??- So ?! Where is this magic trick ?!
The gypsy answers him
- Look in the pocket of the Arab ?? .
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