A very old man was lying dying in his bed.

A very old man was lying dying in his bed.
Suddenly, he smelled the smell of his favorite chocolate chip cookies.
He took the little strength he had left to get up from the bed.
... standing on the wall, he headed out of the bedroom. And with greater effort he descended the stairs, holding the rail with both hands.
Breathing hard, he stood in the doorway, looking towards the kitchen. If he had not been in agony, he would have thought he had already gone to heaven !!!
... There, in the kitchen, on the tablecloth, there were hundreds of his favorite cookies !!!
Was it the sky?
Was it a heroic act of his devoted wife, desiring that he leave this world as a happy man?
... In a last effort, he crawled to the table. Lifting himself up with trembling hands, he tried to take a biscuit.
Suddenly, he received a spatula blow that his wife gave him.
- Do not touch ! she says. It's for the funeral !!!
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