A guy walks into a bar and announces to everyone

A guy walks into a bar and announces to everyone:
- I'll bet you 500 euros to each of you, that my octopus here is able to play any musical instrument!
One of the guys who had his guitar with him brings him to the octopus, who starts playing Whole lotta love as dry.
And the guy is left to give 500 euros to the owner of the octopus. Another guy who was hanging out with his trumpet then brings his instrument to the octopus.
The octopus takes the trumpet, wets the oral cavity and starts playing Little flower as well as Sydney Bechet!
Naturally, the owner of the octopus pockets 500 more feuros. At that moment, the boss of the bar who had followed the scene goes into his delivery, and he returns with a bagpipe under his arm.
Then he says to the guy:
- If your octopus knows how to play that, I give you 1000 euros!
Then the octopus grabs the bagpipe, looks at it doubtfully, turns it and turns it around and seems bored. The owner of the octopus then says to the animal:
- What's wrong?
Are you going to hurry up to play this fucking bagpipe yes or no?
And the octopus answers him:
- Play it?
If I get to know how to take off her pyjamas, I will rather make love to her!
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