A couple plays golf in a very expensive golf course, surrounded by very beautiful and expensive houses

A couple plays golf in a very expensive golf course, surrounded by very beautiful and expensive houses. In hole 3, the husband said to his wife:
- Honey, be careful because if your ball is going to break a window, it's going to cost us a fortune.
The wife makes her drive and of course the ball will directly break the largest window of the most luxurious house. The husband is furious, yells his wife, and they knock on the door of the house. A voice answers:
- Come in.
The husband opens the door and sees broken glass spilled everywhere and a broken bottle in a corner. A man very elegantly dressed, sitting in an armchair, said to them:
- Did you break the window?
- Yes, but we regret it very much.
- Well, in fact, you have done me a great service. I am a genius and I have been locked in this bottle for over 1000 years. Also as a sign of gratitude, I will fulfill 3 wishes, but as you are 2, I will fulfill a wish for each one of you and I will keep the third for myself. Come on, what do you want? He asks the husband.
- I would like to receive a million dollars a month.
- Consider that it is done, from tomorrow you will begin to receive them. And you ? he asks the wife.
- I would like to have a home in every country in the world.
- That's the least I can do for you. From tomorrow you will receive the property titles of the houses.
- And you, what do you want? the husband asks the Genie.
- Here, I was locked in this bottle for 1000 years, and during all this time I did not make love. Also my wish is to make love with your wife.
The couple look at each other and finally the husband says:
- Well, for a million dollars each month and all these houses, I think we can make an exception, what do you think?
- I agree.
The Genie takes the wife to the bedroom, they make love for two hours and in the end he asks the wife:
- By the way, how old is your husband?
- 40 years, why?
- Because it seems unbelievable that at age 40 we can still be stupid enough to believe in Genies
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