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A comparative study on shopping at the supermarket

A comparative study on shopping at the supermarket
1. Park the car.
2. Take a shopping cart.
3. Fill it with useful things in record time.
4. Put purchases in bags rationally otherwise smart (which goes to the fridge in one bag, vegetables in another etc ... we save time when unpacking ...)
5. Pay.
6. Go home.
7. Unpack the bags and store the purchases.

1. Park the car.
2. Enter the store.
3. Get out to pick up a shopping cart.
4. Realize that you need a 1 euro coin.
5. Go and make money at the newsstand (or at the affinity according to affinities)
6. Take the opportunity to browse the team (or drink, to choose ...)
7. Take the shopping cart.
8. Make long all the rays lengthwise and wide.
9. Buy a pair of socks, 2 frozen pizzas, a pack of chips, pistachios, Strasbourg sausages and a comic book. Varied experience: An inflatable pool in winter, two helmets for babies (in case you ride a bike), some tools that could be used someday, lawn fertilise on sale (in January) ...
10. Do not bother with butter, milk, PQ, diapers, or anything else that is totally superfluous.
11. Store frozen foods in the same bag as socks and comics.
12. Succeed in finding the cashier with the slowest cashier.
13. Go home.
14. Put the shopping bag on the table.
15. Put the beers in a cool place.
16. Sit comfortably in an armchair, with comics and pistachios, waiting for the beer to be cool
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